Attic Seal Attic Door Cover

Attic Seal

Our newest, most cost effective attic door cover yet. Stop drafts, energy loss and helps block allergens from entering your home.


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Attic Seal Pro Attic Door Cover

Attic Seal Pro

Our professional contractor grade attic door cover. Made with strong multi-layer materials that insulates your home like a Pro.


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Save on Heating and Cooling

Attic Sealattic door insulation cover

The Attic Seal insulation cover is designed for optimal energy efficiency. Our insulation cover works year around, on hot summers and cold winters. The Attic Seal also prevents air leakage, dust and pollutants from coming in your home.

  • Insulates & Air Seals Attic Staircase
  • Reflects 95% of Radiant Heat
  • High R-value
  • Lower Front Opening For Easy Access
  • Easy Zipper Access To Attic
  • Installs in Minutes
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Attic Seal Attic Door Cover
Attic Seal Guarantee


We strive to offer the best attic cover on the market. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase before installation, just return your cover with a note describing why you are disappointed within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

What Makes our Attic Seal Covers Different?

Unlike other attic insulation covers, the Attic Seal and Attic Seal Pro creates an air tight seal around your attic access preventing extreme hot or cold attic air and pollutants from seeping into your living space.

Most covers simply sit on top of you access allowing air to pass freely into your home. They also lack the ability to stay in place. Covers that simply sit on top of your access will shift and turn when you close the access door, making the cover inefficient.

See the Results

The image on the left is an attic entrance without an Attic Seal attic cover. The image on the right shows an attic entrance with an Attic Seal™ installed. The temperature has lowered and there is no longer attic air leaking into the home.

Attic Seal Attic Cover


Attic Seal TestimonialThis product is wonderful and should be in every home! Thank you so much for walking me through the measurement process! I have already recommended your cover to all my friends.
-- Laura Chapman
Austin, TX

Attic Seal TestimonialYou have a great product. I was able to install my cover in less than 20 minutes and can already feel the difference.
-- Don Hanchey
Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Attic Seal TestimonialI have installed multiple insulation covers over the years, and I have to say, your cover is by far the easiest and strongest cover I have come across. I will be ordering another case soon.
-- Ted Freeman
Insulation Contractor

Wayne, New Jersey

Attic stair door insulation

Insulate Your Attic Door

A home's attic access, which could be an attic hatch, pull-down stairs, or a knee-wall door, often goes uninsulated. This gap in the attic insulation increases heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

How to install attic insulation cover

Lower heating and cooling cost

Adequately insulating and air sealing the access to an attic – especially to unconditioned attics will help lower your heating and cooling bills.

How to install attic insulation

Easy to install

Attic Covers Attic Seal is easy to install. It fits easily around your attic stairs frame and can be secured with 3/8" or 1/2" staples to any surface, smooth or rough.