Draft Out™

Attic stair door insulation cover

  • 100% Made in America
  • Reflects 95% of Radiant Heat
  • 10 R-value
  • Radiant foil Barrier Built In
  • Easy Zipper Access To Attic
  • Insulates & Air Seals Attic Staircase
  • Easy To Install
  • Strong Product Materials
  • Installs Inside Rough Staircase Frame
SALE $133.00
Model Dimensions
L x W x H
DO1 (56" x 22" x 9") Small $146 $133
DO2 (56" x 25" x 9") Standard $146 $133
DO3 (56" x 22" x 15") Medium $161 $145
DO4 (56" x 25" x 15") Large $161 $145
DO5 (58" x 30" x 15") X-Large $196 $157

For more information on how to measure your attic entrance, visit our measuring guide.

Draft Out Attic Door Cover
Attic Stair Covers
Attic Access door Insulation
Attic door insulation cover

Draft Out™

Attic door insulation

The Draft Out™ Attic Stair Cover is made of highly reflective radiant foil barrier bonded to polyester fiber insulation – so it is light, thin and effective. The Draft Out™ uses heavy-duty zippers to allow easy access to the attic. The cover helps to keep your valuable heated and cooled air in your living space where you want it. As an added benefit, the Draft-Out™ Cover also helps keep your house clean and improves your indoor air quality by keeping dust, and insulation, in the attic where they belong – not on your floors or in your air.

Installation tips

Insulate attic access

  • Installation Tips:

    • Stapling: Install the cover by stapling through the black band to the rough framed opening (usually 2x6's) above the 1x4 stair frame.
    • Orientation: Locating the zipper opening closer to the attic stair hinge will allow for easier attic access.
    • Air Sealing: Apply a bead of foam or caulk between the Cover's walls and the wood framing from the attic side to ensure a good air tight seal.
    • Larger Voids: Use our single component foam sealant to seal larger gaps and voids between Draft Out™ and framing members.
    • Draft Out Installation Guide
  • Attic door Insulation

    The attic access door is, typically, one of the largest sources of air leakage in your house. The US Department of Energy states, on its website, that a gap as small as 1/4 inch around your pull-down attic stairs can leak as much air as is supplied by a regular bedroom air duct. Air sealing and insulating this leak is essential to improving your home's energy efficiency. Draft Out™ is an easy solution to sealing this problem area while maintaining easy access to your attic. The Draft Out™ Attic Stair Cover will seal and help insulate this vulnerable point in your home's defense against budget-breaking energy loss. It is simple to install, requiring only half an hour, and will dramatically reduce energy loss – lowering your heating and cooling bills.

See the results

The image on the left is an attic entrance without an attic cover. The image on the right shows an attic entrance with a Draft Out™ installed

Attic Cover Results