Attic Door Insulation

Attic Covers are a low cost, easy to install solution to insulate your attic access entrances. Attic covers provide an insulation barrier over or around an attic entrance and create an air tight seal.

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Draft Out Attic Door Cover

Draft Out™

Attic stair door insulation cover

  • 100% Made in America
  • 10 R-value
  • Reflects 95% of Radiant Heat
  • Arma Foil Radiant Barrier Built In
  • Easy Zipper Access To Attic
  • Insulates & Air Seals Attic Staircase
  • Easy To Install
  • Strong Product Materials
  • Installs Inside Rough Staircase Frame
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Attic stair door insulation

Insulate Your Attic Door

A home's attic access, which could be an attic hatch, pull-down stairs, or a knee-wall door, often goes uninsulated. This gap in the attic insulation increases heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

How to install attic insulation cover

Save money and lower heating and cooling cost

Adequately insulating and air sealing the access to an attic – especially to unconditioned attics will help lower your heating and cooling bills.

How to install attic insulation

Easy to install

Attic Covers Draft Out™ is easy to install. It fits easily around your attic stairs frame and can be secured with 3/8" or 1/2" staples to any surface, smooth or rough.